Your business is well established, your diary is busy with clients, the leads are coming, and you love what you do, BUT you want to earn more money.

Where do you go from here? How do you earn more without having to work even harder?

Before making an impulsive decision about your next move in business, ask yourself what you actually want from the business. More money…. We know that, but you need to dig a bit deeper – what does more money look like to you? What does it mean?

It is also important to remember that our needs and wants change as we grow as both business owners and throughout our lives. When we started our business, the things that were important to us may not be as important anymore. Make sure you regularly check in with yourself and your wants and needs.


For me, as a mummy, my reason for wanting to earn more money has always been freedom. I love the idea of freedom, being able to go on holiday during the school breaks. I love the idea of being free to do what we want as a family without having to worry about how we will afford things and I love being able to choose my hours. I also love earning money whilst I am out enjoying myself through automation.

So where are you now?

Maybe you used to love seeing clients 35 hours a week, but now you would like to work less and have a little more freedom around your family?

Maybe you would like to work the same hours but earn more money to buy the house of your dreams, and you are wondering how you can move forward with this?

Maybe you are at a time in your life when you would like to step back and start travelling the world and you want your business to support this?

Whatever your reason for reading this post, you have come to the right place.

Here are five ways to increase your income without having to work harder.

Increase your Prices!

How does your pricing make you feel? Are you resenting your clients for being the cheapest on the market? Or maybe you already charge a premium rate, but you have invested in some new state-of-the-art equipment or training to give them a better experience. These expenses and investments should be incorporated into your pricing structure.

Your pricing reflects you, how you value yourself and how others value your services; as business owners, we can often be afraid of being “too expensive”. But what is “too expensive”? Too expensive to one person isn’t to another.

It simply depends on how much your client needs and wants your service, and it is as simple as that, pick a price that feels good to you, a price that makes you excited, and that is a great place to start.

Create an eBook

You have a successful business; you are generating leads and getting bookings; you know what you are talking about, so why not create an e-book for people who don’t have the option to work with you directly? You can use the educational posts you have been sharing on social media and in your blogs and then thrash out some more information in between, book this into your diary and aim to complete this within the next 30 days.

Create a Course

Knowledge is power, there are people out there that want to know what you already know; why not create a course and serve those people, this can be an incredible passive income stream and means you are no longer trading time for money. Yes, the creation may take some time, but think about a small course, perhaps a course or training you have done previously. Could you charge for that? If so, dig it out and set it up as a course on your website.

Introduce a Gold, Silver and Bronze Service

If you have one main product, why not break it down into a gold, silver and bronze service. Bronze can be what you already offer; what else could you add to your bronze service to make it a silver service, and what else can you add to your silver service to make it gold? Give people the option to work with you on a deeper level.

Offer Priority Booking

We all know an impulsive “I want it now” type of person– I am that person. I AM SERIOUS!! Keep your diary open for those impulsive clients like me that want instant gratification and charge for it. Simply say “The wait is currently four weeks, but if you would like to pay extra for priority booking, I can get it to you in the next seven days” It is a win-win for both you and your client.


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