The question “What is a blog post?” is a question I get when speaking to relatives and friends about what I actually do, and I thought it was a great idea to share a bit more about what blogging is for those interested.

You may have heard about the incredible income you can earn from blogging, or you may have heard how can be an incredible lead generator you ,want to know more and that is what I am here for.

I remember hearing about it for the first time and I couldn’t believe how amazing it actually sounded and here I am 6 years later, earning an incredible income from blogging with a business that is growing every day as a result.

So What is a Blog Post?

A blog is an online journal (webpage or website). Blogs are often run by an individual, group or corporation, and they share regular content about a particular topic.

Often blogs are written in a conversational format to connect with readers on a more personal level. Having a blog online can change your life; it has changed mine, and I want to share everything I have learnt along the way, you can join my free mailing list here for tips, tricks and a bunch of free resources.

You will have seen blogs on social media, they are shared far and wide and you have definately used Google or search engines to solve a problem or find an answer to something before, and it is likely when you typed in that magic question a blog appeared in the results helping you by providing you with a solution to your problem.


First, let’s look at the different types of blogs

Personal blogs

You might not have a business as such, but you would like to start a blog on a subject that you are passionate about as a business or a hobby.

There are so many different blogs you could start and below are a few examples;


  • Recipe blogs
  • Gaming blogs
  • Things to do locally blogs
  • Fitness blogs
  • Weight loss blogs
  • True crime blogs
  • Mum blogs
  • Beauty blogs
  • Fashion blogs

And so many more.

Can Blogging Make Money?

You may start a blog initially as a hobby or side hustle with a view of creating an income from it in the near future which is absolutely possible. I know this because this is exactly what I did when I started my blog during maternity leave.

From blogging alone, I have seen the big blogs earning anything up to $500,000 per month; all blogs start as new blogs, and the sky is your limit when it comes to earning money blogging.

And as your blog grows, you may decide you want to add more income streams by adding products to it to generate even more income.

I created my blog with automation in mind, which means that I am all about ease which means the products I have added to my parenting blog are all passive income products meaning I don’t need to do a thing other than create and publish the products then when someone pays, the product is sent to them automatically, and I automatically thank them for their custom, selling products doesn’t have to be hard.

Business blogs

You might have a business that you are passionate about, and you are keen to share your knowledge to support your ideal clients that have an issue that they would like help with.

If you are a business that helps people, not having a blog could be costing you a lot of potential sales, leads and money.

You could be a business like the following;

  • Sleep consultant
  • Social media expert
  • Sells kids toys
  • Helps people conceive
  • Family lawyer
  • Parent coach

Let’s have a look at the different subjects these businesses could blog about;

  • If you are a sleep consultant, you could use your blog to help parents through your blog with any sleep issues, such as the bedtime routine, sleep regression etc.
  • If you are a social media expert and offer support, you can attract potential clients through your blog by answering their commonly asked questions on social media on how-tos.
  • If you sell toys, you could blog about toys and how they contribute to child development.
  • If you help people with their fertility you could help them by writing blogs on topics they may be struggling with, such as ovulation, the timing of sex etc.
  • If you are a family lawyer, you could help answer commonly asked questions people have on the various topics you can help with.
  • If you are a parent coach, you can help answer questions about boundaries, behaviours, and so much more.

This is where the magic happens…

Once your readers (ideal clients) find your blog and join your network, you have a higher chance of converting them into sales too. Trust me when I say there is no better feeling than converting sales and leads whilst you are busy living life to the fullest.

Not only that but the more eyes on your blog, the more passive income you can earn through your blog.

As a business, you can breathe a sigh of relief when your business isn’t solely reliant on trading time for money.

Once your blog is established and you have good quality content, you can monetise that too and believe me when I say this, a blog can create you thousands of pounds a day in addition to other income streams.

If you are looking to create a successful blog, join my mailing list so I can support you further or if you just want to get stuck in and get started right away, you can purchase my course here.